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AOL Email is basically known for it safe and secure communication system and it has numerous features for the users which users can avail. Sometimes the users face some technical problems while using it the most common problem is ‘AOL Email account is blocked’ and this kind of problems can’t be resolved by the customers itself and need some help. We are discussing the problems with its complete solution step by step. The users have to follow the instructions as below to resolve the problems immediately. If the users have any error while following the instructions they can have help from AOL customer service number +1-844-502-0074 where our skilled technicians will assist them in resolving the problems.

AOL Customer Service Number

Now in the beginning the users have to visit to official website of AOL and then need to change their secret key promptly.

Note: New passwords ought to be no less than eight characters in length and incorporate no less than one number, letter (mix of upper cases and lower cases) and exceptional character (%, #, and, @, and so forth.). Make sure that the user’s new password is not quite the same as some other passwords they have utilized. Additionally, in the event that they utilized a similar password for other online records, for example, social networking website such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and money related administrations, change those passwords also. We emphatically prompt them utilize diverse passwords for numerous web-based social networking accounts.

  • Make beyond any hesitancy that users have antivirus programming introduced and refreshed. Run checks every now and again to make sure their computer is free of all malware. (On the off chance that you have not introduced any antivirus programming),
  • Now the users have to change their Security Question.
  • Review any Away Messages attached to their record to guarantee nobody has embedded spam or other undue substance.
  • Now the users have to check their display Name (the name individuals see when you send them mail) to make sure it doesn’t contain the letters “AOL”, “A.O.L.” or “AOL”. Spammers now and then change a record’s account display Name and that can make them see a mistake message when endeavoring to send letters.
  • After the last previous step the users have to review any marks they use for AOL Mail, message board posts, or remarks. Once more, this is to guarantee no one included spam or other undue substance.

As we have describe the details and provided the solution for the problems ‘AOL Email account blocked’ which users face while using AOL Email. If the users face any error while following the instructions they have one more option to resolve their problems through AOL Customer Support Number +1-844-502-0074 where our skilled and trained technicians will assist them in resolving the problems.

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