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I’m not able to send email in AOL account

If the users are facing problem then it is a fully situation of irritation and if the users can’t send any email to anyone then it is the very worst condition for the users. If users want to resolve this sort of problems then they have to follow the method and process described in it. Users have to follow the instruction as provided over and even they failed to resolve that then one more option is there that they can contact to AOL customer care contact number +1-844-502-0074.

How to resolve problems like I’m not able to send email?

What information that the users are required to have before starting the process?

Before starting any process users are required to know what system that they’re using or what version they’re using of Microsoft windows and internet explorer.


Users are required to clear their all cookies, cache, history, and footprints

It has mostly happened when users visit any website that web files and cookies are stored in their pc to save the memory of their return visits. Sometimes these types of files and cookies can cause you such kind of problems where users can’t send emails. The history of user’s browser can reveal that how old is their cookies and it depends on the days the greater are the problem. In order to resolve the problem, users have to clear all those cookies. Instructions related to clearing the cache and cookies will depend on browsers that the users use.

By disabling the pop-up blocking application software

Here users have to disable the pop-up blocking application software and by that, it might be possible that users of AOL can send an email as this pop-up blocking application software can block even AOL setup to function properly. So their AOL software must be in “white list”.

Users have to restart the pc in order to send an email through AOL

Sometimes internal memory (RAM) might be overloaded and to clear it users have to restart their pc but they have to careful that they don’t need to start their pc very often. By restarting the pc it may resolve several problems.

Users can try a different browser to open AOL Email Account

Some using a single browser for a long period of time continuously might create some problems which can become a serious issue later on. If the issue with the browser then users have to change their browser and try to access their AOL Email account from a different browser.

Users can also try enabling or disabling firewall using McAfee web Security Suite –which is a special edition from AOL

A strong firewall can prevent the pc from the hacker’s attacks which can access the pc in an unauthorized manner via the internet to steal the vital personal data or it can infect with the virus. So users of AOL email have to disable the firewall settings so that unauthorized access can be stopped.

As we’ve seen in above description that there are many ways where users can rectify the main problems which they were facing initially. After applying these different methods for the same problems, users will be able to send an email in AOL. And even if users failed to do so they one more option to resolve the problem. Users can contact to our third-party support system which will help them through AOL customer care helpline number +1-844-502-0074 and within no time their problems which are mentioned above will be resolved.

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