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How to Recover Facebook account Password without Registered Email

Forgetting a Facebook account password can be a matter of utter irritation for the users who don’t know how to recover it. There are a number of ways for the users to recover their Facebook account password in a given situation. One such scenario is users can’t access to their alternative email to recover their account password and wondering how to recover Facebook password without registered email?

Users can recover their Facebook account password contact Facebook Customer Care Phone Number +1-844-502-0074 or by the following means if they don’t have the access to their email. Facebook users can also recover their account password through their recovery phone number or by simply answering their security question. To explain “HOW?” Here we go-

Reset Facebook Password with a phone number

Step 1- In the first step users have to open Facebook login page in their web browser

Users have to open FB login page and click on Forgotten account link to choose password reset options.

Step 2- In the second step users have to choose “Send code via SMS” option

By selecting this option they’ll receive a 6 digit verification code on their phone number listed in their account for password recovery.

Step 3- Now give the 6 digit verification code in the box

Enter the 6-digit verification code in the box and after that click on to continue button. Once the code is validated successfully, then type the secured password and after that simply click on the Continue button to access your Facebook account without any hassle.

Reset Your Facebook password by answering the security questions-

If users can’t access any of their email or mobile number then they can choose to answer the security questions in an attempt to reset the Facebook password.

  • Open Facebook login page in your web browser and after that click on the Forgotten account link.
  • Now entered the registered email address in order to proceed.
  • Now choose “Use my Google account” and click on Continue.
  • Once it’s clicked, create a secure password and then click on Continue button.
  • By clicking the Continue button, users will see a new slide where you can select security check options.
  • There are main and important three methods to authenticate the ownership of the FB account
  • Verification of security code only sent to a registered mobile number
  • Verify friend’s images
  • Answering security questions

In case the phone isn’t working at the point of time and it’s impossible to recognize the name of the friends due to a large friend-list Them user left with no option but to answer security questions.

Answering the security questions isn’t a sure shot way to recover Facebook password as it isn’t simple to remember all the answers properly. In this case, users can contact Facebook technical support phone number +1-844-502-0074 to fix your problem in less than no time.

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