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Easy way to Manage AOL Mails Folders with AOL Tech Support Helpline Number

AOL is an easy email platform that allows users to save hundreds and thousands of mail at a time online. AOL has been into existence from years and with it provides useful techniques to manage online tasks of sending and receiving mails online. AOL is such a trustworthy mail platform that it is widely used online in numerous organizations for official mail transfer as well. AOL since its existence has received true recognition and this is because of the services it provides. Its features and applications are all customers oriented simple to use still in case user faces any issue using any of AOL services easy help is available at AOL Tech Support Helpline Number.

AOL Tech Support Helpline Number

When AOL is so widely used for simple online mail exchange it is obvious that each day several mails come to the inbox of an AOL mail inbox. When it is so many mails it is obviously become difficult to manage all of them and thus separating and accessing the important mails out of numerous mails becomes little difficult to fight such situations AOL provide simple mail management tricks. One of the useful and best mail management feature provided by AOL is categorizations of folders in AOL.

By default AOL provides numerous folders in a mail account itself so that simple mail management can be enabled online on AOL other than this AOL often also provides many folder creation options with which a user may creates many folders and send mails to it for further use. By default some of the folder that AOL account has is AOL inbox, AOL sent, AOL trash etc. other than many other emails folders can also be created.

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Creating an AOL folder:

1. Go to your AOL account

2. Now in the left panel near the Folders click on the + icon.

3. Now under the list of your folders there will be a text box provided where you need to type the name of the folder you want to create. When new folder has been given click the + icon or hit enter from your keyboard.

4. Now the new folder has been created successfully.

5. To cross check if the folder is created or not you may see the new folder name listed alphabetically with the others folders under the My Folders section in AOL.

Next you may set to enter the mails in such folders so the next time you are searching for any email you may directly search into the specific email folder. If your use is completed the created folder can be deleted or renamed. Creating of folders in AOL is very simple but in case users face any issue creating it they may obtain simple help from AOL Customer Support Helpline Number +1-844-502-0074. Our Specialists is well trained and we offer complete satisfaction for all kind of AOL email issues.

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