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How to delete contacts from address books form AOL mail?

AOL short form of America online, is a brand which has been providing internet and mailing services to its users for many years. AOL is among the top ranking email service provider in United States and after its merger they’re targeting to get even bigger. AOL Is bringing several new options and applications like AOL gold which is premier service provided by them and AOL help which is AOL technical support feature by just paying few dollars. An AOL mail user can get the AOL customer support by calling the AOL customer care number (+1) 844-502-0074 and be a part of the assistant AOL family. As AOL has several feature in it, there are many issues also which needs to be resolved as soon as possible to get the maximum result from the AOL email.

As AOL has some problems in its system, and the response team at AOL isn’t that quick to response to client queries and their problems, we have created an independent AOL customer service team for AOL email users which will be there for them at the time of need and that too 24/7. Our team will be there for you every time and will help you in a matter of seconds. Our AOL tech support team is skilled and practiced in various problems such as password problems, mailing problems, spam problems and many more. There are several problems with which our tech team can assist you with. However we have mentioned few problems below and the solution for them to assist you to resolve that.

How to delete contacts from address book?

1: Open you AOL desktop and sign in to it.

2: Select the Address Book from mail menu.

3: Enter the email address in quick find box that you want to delete

4: Click on delete when selecting the email address that you want to delete

5: Then click on yes

6: Close out all the windows opening on your screen and you have deleted an contact from the address book.

So we hope that the above steps have helped you to resolve the problems regarding deleting contact from address books, but if not you can contact AOL Technical Support Number 1844-502-0074. Our technical support team of AOL will be with you in each step of the progress regarding your problems and you can reach us any time 24/7.

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