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AOL is not able to sync with my mobile phone

AOL is a most famous business and personal email service provider nowadays which has got more than 400,000 users globally. AOL email service provider is well known to provide online services since 1983. It has its headquarters in New York United States. It has been known to offer web-portal, email, instant messaging, and later a web browser and purchase of net scape.

AOL Customer Care Phone Number

AOL offers you with newest features for sending emails and organizing ones you receive them.

AOL gives its users with the ability to access emails while on the go with its e-mail application for mobiles and tablets.

AOL can also sync with your mobile phone and give you real-time alerts on emails. To do that feature give us a call on AOL customer care phone number 1844-502-0074 and sync your mobile phone with AOL e-mail account.

If your AOL email in the phone is not responding properly then try to follow some suggestions.

  • First check your mobile phone connection and Wi-Fi properly.

Sometimes our internet services are down and we blame our devices for that error so first check your Wi-Fi setup carefully and check whether you can use internet on your system.

  • Check whether you’re sign in

Check whether your app has a sign in and you see your name on top.

  • Logout your AOL mail account and sign in again.

Sometimes your username and passwords are misplaced and deleted in the cache you just log out of your account and sign in again.

  • Change your account password.

Your system might be hacked and all your email is being deleted or being copied to another location, so change your password carefully and sign in your account.

  • Chick settings and Server SMTP security

Sometimes the server settings such as SMTP, POP, IMAP. You can correct these settings and try to sign in again

  • Uninstall your AOL application and then reinstall it again.

Just uninstall the AOL application that’s behaving abnormal and then reinstall it again to get your account running again

If you still face the same problem simply call us on AOL tech support phone number 1844-502-0074 and get your question resolved over the call. With the best AOL service you can also take your business and professional life to the next level.

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